2022 NFL Survivor Pool: Walt’s Advice

You can get advice for the 2022 NFL Survivor Pool on this page. I’ll be posting my top five picks each week, as well as the trap of the week, so check back if you need tips and analysis.

If you want to enter – it’s free with a $350 prize – go here to the 2022 NFL Survivor Pool page.

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2022 NFL Survivor Week 18: Top Five Options

  1. San Francisco (vs. Cardinals)
    The 49ers’ defensive front will dominate Arizona’s injury-ravaged offensive line once again, just like they did in their 38-10 victory in Mexico City.

  2. Philadelphia Eagles (vs. Giants)
    The Giants could be resting their starters, while Jalen Hurts will be back to lead his team to the No. 1 seed.

  3. Dallas Cowboys (at Redskins)
    The Cowboys are fighting for the No. 1 seed, so I expect them to crush the Redskins.

  4. Kansas City Chiefs (at Raiders)
    I don’t like the Chiefs to cover, but they should be able to defeat Jarrett Stidham.

  5. Minnesota Vikings (at Bears)
    I’m shocked I haven’t picked the Vikings yet. The Bears may sit Justin Fields. If they don’t, I’d go with the Falcons.

    2022 Survivor Top Options: 66-19. (Week 1: SF; Week 2: LAR; Week 3: PHI; Week 4: GB; Week 5: BUF; Week 6: TB; Week 7: NE; Week 8: DAL; Week 9: KC; Week 10: MIA; Week 11: BAL; Week 12; NYJ; Week 13: SEA; Week 14: LV; Week 15: CIN; Week 16: PIT; Week 17: NYG; Week 18: MIN). 2021 Survivor Top Options: 71-19. 2020 Survivor Top Options: 68-17. 2019 Survivor Top Options: 62-23. 2018 Survivor Top Options: 69-16. 2017 Survivor Top Options: 63-20. 2016 Survivor Top Options: 62-23. 2015 Survivor Top Options: 58-27. 2014 Survivor Top Options: 64-21.

2022 NFL Survivor Week 18: Trap of the Week

Seattle Seahawks (vs. Rams)
The Seahawks are nearly touchdown favorites, so they’ll get some picks. However, they haven’t played very well in the second half of the season. I’m betting the Rams on my NFL Picks page.

2021 Survivor Trap Games: 6-11. (Week 1: TEN; Week 2: BUF; Week 3: MIN; Week 4: PIT; Week 5: KC; Week 6: SF; Week 7: DAL; Week 8: ATL; Week 9: CIN; Week 10: LV; Week 11: CIN; Week 12: LAC; Week 13: PHI; Week 14: SEA; Week 15: DAL; Week 16: DAL; Week 17: DET; Week 18: SEA). 2021 Survivor Trap Games: 6-12. 2020 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9. 2019 Survivor Trap Games: 4-13. 2018 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9. 2017 Survivor Trap Games: 5-12. 2016 Survivor Trap Games: 5-12. 2015 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9. 2014 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9.

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