2023 NBA Offseason Grade – Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets Offseason – Grade: D

  • Noah Clowney
  • Dariq White
  • Jalen Wilson
  • Lonnie Walker


  • Seth Curry
  • Patty Mills
  • Yuta Watanabe

The Nets have quietly had a busy offseason. I love that they kept Cam Johnson to continue to pair with franchise player Mikal Bridges, but the money was too much. I’m not a fan of losing Joe Harris, Seth Curry and Yuta Watanabe, as that is a massive loss of shooting, and paying more for Lonnie Walker IV was simply poor business. I also disliked their draft, as they picked two real projects in the first round, but I love, love Jalen Wilson. The Nets are a lesser team than they were in the playoffs, and although I really came into this planning on giving them a favorable grade, they simple had a poor offseason.


  • None


  • None

Nets’ 2023 NBA Draft – Grade: C-

  • No. 21: Noah Clowney, PF, Alabama
  • No. 22: Dariq White, SF, Duke
  • No. 46: Jalen Wilson, SF, Kansas

I like the three players who Brooklyn drafted, and all of them should all make the team, but I dislike the conduct of the draft. Clowney goves the Nets a true four, which are a rarity. He has size, can shoot the ball and can block shots. He has to develop, but he should be a really nice piece for them. The Duke forward was fifth in my first mock draft, but he simply had a poor freshman season and was available at No. 22, which could turn out as a big steal because he is an excellent talent who could become a starter, or he could be a bust. I had Wilson as a first-round pick, so I love the value at No. 46. He was a role player on a title team and a star on a contender, so I think he could actually play a role for the Nets as a rookie, bigger than their two first-round picks.

Like I said, I dislike Brooklyn’s draft, and it’s not because of the talents, but this is an excellent team that needed to add assistance or trades, not draft projects.

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