2023 NBA Mock Draft

By Mike Elworth.

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Updated: June 22, 2023.

  1. San Antonio Spurs: Victor Wenbanyama, C, France
    At No. 1, the Spurs landed David Robinson, then Tim Duncan, and now Victor Wembanyama, who is arguably the most hyped prospect in league history; the team’s luck is not fair. Wembanyama is a 7-foot-4 shot-blocking machine who will be a walking double-double who scores 22-24 points immediately. He can score no matter where he is on the floor and will make the Spurs a winning team very quickly.

  2. Charlotte Hornets: Brandon Miller, F, Alabama
    The first pick will be Wembanyama, but people are 50-50 on pick No. 2, and although I would really like to see Scoot Henderson with LaMelo Ball, Miller fits Charlotte as a big-time scoring forward. Miller could be a 20-point scorer as a rookie and should be a consistent all-star.

  3. Portland Trail Blazers: Scoot Henderson, G, USA
    Henderson is my second-favorite prospect and by far my favorite guard, but I cannot see the Trail Blazers keeping the pick as they are desperate to win now, although this pick and their pieces could give them a star. As for Henderson, he fits the mold of a non-Instagram Ja Morant, as he’s a ridiculously talented scorer and mega athlete who needs to become a stronger playmaker and shooter.

  4. Houston Rockets: Amen Thompson, PG, USA
    The Rockets are likely pretty bummed at how the lottery went, but Amen Thompson fits them so well. They need a starting point guard, and at 6-foot-7 and a defensive stud, he is basically the ideal guard to play with Jalen Green. Thompson is still developing as a point guard and shooter, but this is a really nice match.

  5. Detroit Pistons: Ausar Thompson, SG, USA
    So Detroit won the fewest games in the league by seven and is picking fifth, which is NBA karma. Regardless, the second Thompson twin should fit the Pistons well, as they need off-ball help, and with his ability to be a two or a three, his elite defensive talent and improving offensive game, he’s a fantastic prospect.

  6. Orlando Magic: Nick Smith, PG, Arkansas
    At the start of the season, Smith was considered the top college prospect, but was injured and then wasn’t a star after he got healthy. I still see him as a star, and as a combo guard, I think he could become a fantastic second option to Paolo Banchero.

  7. Indiana Pacers: Jarase Walker, PF, Houston
    Walker is just 6-foot-8, but he’s a long defensive big man who is an excellent rebounder and a developing scorer who can shoot. The Pacers need size and defense, and so he fits Indiana well.

  8. Washington Wizards: Anthony Black, G, Arkansas
    The Wizards have been searching for a guard mate for all-star Bradley Beal for awhile, and Black could be that guy. He is a huge point guard who can score well, but he needs more efficient shooting and as a point guard, but he would potentially be that guard to pair with Beal.

  9. Utah Jazz: Gradey Dick, F, Kansas
    Dick is considered by many to be the cream of the crop when it comes to pure shooters in the 2023 NBA Draft, but he is also a talented scorer who has fantastic size. Dick is much more than just a shooter and could be a star.

  10. Dallas Mavericks: Cam Whitmore, F, Villanova
    With a lack of Villanova wins and big stats, Whitmore may not look like a big-time prospect, but he is legit. He has the talent to be one of the 2023 NBA Draft’s premier talents and is a shooter and scorer who would give Luka Doncic some help. I can also easily see this pick being traded.

  11. Orlando Magic: Leonards Miller, F, Canada
    Miller is a huge small forward, but needs seasoning. He has so much potential as a two-way starter. Miller is a fantastic rebounder who has huge defensive talent and is a talented scorer, although he has to become a stronger shooter.

  12. Oklahoma City Thunder: Jordan Hawkins, G, Connecticut
    Hawkins helped lead Connecticut to a national title and is one of the hottest prospects in the 2023 NBA Draft. He is one of the elite scorers and shooters in this class, and I would love to see him and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander together for the Thunder. Hawkins can easily be their second scorer.

  13. Toronto Raptors: Keyonte George, G, Baylor
    George is one of the premier scorers in the 2023 NBA Draft, but he is simply a very small shooting guard. The Raptors are probay losing Fred Van Vleet and Gary Trent Jr., so guard is a huge need. Whether as a starer or sixth man, George will be a huge addition.

  14. New Orleans Pelicans: Rayan Rupert, SG, France
    The Pelicans could use a strong starting two-guard, and Rupert’s defensive-first style fits given that they lack defense in a big way. He also has a lot of potential offensively. I love the fit.

  15. Atlanta Hawks: Cason Wallace, G, Kentucky
    I’m a huge, huge fan of Wallace, but had trouble placing him. He is a defensive-first point guard with a developing offensive game. The Hawks need guard depth now, regardless of if they deal Trae Young.

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By Mike Elworth.

Follow Mike @MikeElworth24. For site updates follow @walterfootball.

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