Super Bowl LVIII Odds Picks

By Walt – @walterfootball
Feb. 15, 2023

This page will break down the Super Bowl LVIII odds. I’ll discuss which Super Bowl LVIII odds I plan on wagering, which I am close to wagering, and those I am avoiding. This Super Bowl LVIII Odds page will be updated periodically throughout the offseason.

Here are the current Super Bowl LVIII odds and where you can get the best number for each team:

Kansas City Chiefs: 6/1 (Bovada/FanDuel)
Buffalo Bills: 9/1 (BetMGM)
Cincinnati Bengals: 9/1 (BetUS/Bovada/Caesars/DraftKings/FanDuel)
Philadelphia Eagles: 9/1 (BetMGM/Bovada/DraftKings/FanDuel)
San Francisco 49ers: 9/1 (BetMGM/Bovada/FanDuel)
Dallas Cowboys: 16/1 (Caesars)
San Angeles Chargers: 22/1 (BetUS/Caesars/DraftKings)
Jacksonville Jaguars: 28/1 (BetUS/Caesars/DraftKings)
Baltimore Ravens: 30/1 (Caesars)
New York Jets: 30/1 (Caesars)
Detroit Lions: 33/1 (BetUS)
Green Bay Packers: 35/1 (Caesars/FanDuel)
Los Angeles Rams: 35/1 (Caesars/DraftKings)
Miami Dolphins: 35/1 (Caesars)
Las Vegas Raiders: 40/1 (BetMGM/Bovada/Caesars/DraftKings/FanDuel)
New York Giants: 40/1 (BetMGM/BetUS/Caesars/DraftKings/FanDuel)
Cleveland Browns: 45/1 (Caesars)
Denver Broncos: 45/1 (Caesars)
Minnesota Vikings: 50/1 (BetUS)
New Orleans Saints: 50/1 (BetUS/Caesars/DraftKings)
Pittsburgh Steelers: 50/1 (BetMGM/BetUS/Bovada/Caesars/FanDuel)
Carolina Panthers: 60/1 (Caesars)
New England Patriots: 60/1 (Caesars)
Seattle Seahawks: 70/1 (DraftKings)
Tennessee Titans: 75/1 (Caesars/DraftKings/FanDuel)
Atlanta Falcons: 80/1 (BetMGM/BetUS)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 80/1 (BetMGM)
Washington Redskins: 80/1 (BetUS)
Chicago Bears: 100/1 (Caesars)
Indianapolis Colts: 200/1 (FanDuel)
Arizona Cardinals: 280/1 (FanDuel)
Houston Texans: 300/1 (BetMGM)

Super Bowl LVIII Odds Video:

Jacob Camenker from the SportingNews and I will discuss our thoughts on the Super Bowl LVIII Odds here:

Super Bowl LVIII Odds – Already Wagered:

I’ve already wagered on the following Super Bowl LVIII odds:

Detroit Lions Detroit Lions (33/1) – Feb. 15
I bet the Lions at 165/1 last year. This made me look like an idiot when they began the year with a 1-6 record, but injuries and bad luck sabotaged their start. Detroit finished the year with an 8-2 record. The offense was unstoppable, while the defense improved by leaps and bounds. The 49ers were very lucky the Lions didn’t sneak in as the No. 7 seed; Detroit matched up extremely well with San Francisco, so an upset was very possible. With that in mind, a case can be made that the Lions will be the best team in the NFC in 2023. That may sound insane right now, but the Eagles have 12 key free agents, while Tom Brady has retired. Aaron Rodgers could move on to the AFC. Meanwhile, Detroit has the 11th-most cap space in the NFL, so its vastly improved front office could make some moves to further strengthen the roster.

Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl odds Jacksonville Jaguars (28/1) – Feb. 15
Jacob Camenker and I bet the Jaguars last year at 125/1 odds, which we were able to successfully hedge with the Chiefs ahead of the divisional round of the playoffs. The Jaguars are now 28/1, which doesn’t seem like a good deal. However, the Jaguars will have a nice boost with Calvin Ridley joining the team. The automatic addition of Ridley will allow Jacksonville to focus on defense in free agency. Also, remember that the Jaguars play in a very easy division. The Texans and Colts will be terrible, while the Titans have some major personnel issues as far as aging players and free agents are concerned.

Las Vegas Raiders Super Bowl odds Las Vegas Raiders (40/1) – Feb. 15
I’m making two speculative bets for Aaron Rodgers’ destination. There’s a good chance the Raiders land Rodgers to reunite him with Davante Adams. Rodgers would automatically make the Raiders a Super Bowl contender, provided he doesn’t break his thumb again. I don’t like the idea of betting a team in Kansas City’s division, but as we saw last year, there’s room for two AFC West playoff teams. If the Raiders land Rodgers, their odds will drop to about 15/1, so I want the great 40/1 value.

Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl odds Minnesota Vikings (50/1) – Feb. 15
I imagine Vikings fans are wondering if they’re on the correct Web site. I trashed the Vikings all year because they were a fraudulent team, barely scraping by mediocre-at-best competition. However, things could be much better for them in 2023. Their issue was their horrendous defense, which will automatically improve with Brian Flores serving as the defensive coordinator. If the Vikings can plug some of their defensive holes, they could turn into a legitimate powerhouse next year. I can’t believe they’re 50/1 to win the Super Bowl.

New York Jets Super Bowl odds New York Jets (30/1) – Feb. 15
Here’s the other possible Rodgers destination. The Jets would also become instant Super Bowl contenders with Rodgers, who will enjoy throwing to Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore, and Corey Davis. The defense is excellent, and don’t forget about Breece Hall. I think the Jets are in a better position than the Raiders, but I’d love both teams with Rodgers.

Super Bowl LVIII Odds – Best of the Rest:

I like these Super Bowl LVIII odds and may bet them soon:

Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens (30/1)
I’d like the Ravens if they can retain Lamar Jackson, but it’s unclear what’ll happen with him this offseason. If he remains with Baltimore, he will presumably have better weapons at his disposal. He’ll also have support from a great defense.

Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills (9/1)
The Bills are arguably the best team in the NFL, so I’ll be looking to bet them at some point. I’d like to find 10/1, if possible.

Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals (9/1)
This is my favorite wager of all the teams listed 9/1 or better. I think the Bengals would have won the Super Bowl if their offensive linemen didn’t get injured. They have the sixth-most cap space in the NFL this offseason, so they can add some talent to their already-stacked roster. I thought about betting this one already, but I think we can find a 10/1 or even a 12/1 somewhere this summer.

Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers (50/1)
The Steelers have the formula to win. Kenny Pickett will have more experience entering his second season, while his defense will continue to be superb. Pittsburgh was 8-2 with T.J. Watt last year, so this team is underrated. The problem is that the Steelers play in an extremely difficult division. If they make an upgrade to their offensive line, I’ll consider betting them at this price.

Super Bowl LVIII Odds – Needs Better Value:

I think these teams have a decent chance to win the Super Bowl, but I want a better number:

Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons (80/1)
I was hoping to get triple digits with the Falcons. You might be wondering why, and based on Atlanta’s track record, I don’t blame you. However, the Falcons could obtain Lamar Jackson this offseason, which would vault them to the top of a horrific division. Also, the Falcons have the second-most cap space in the NFL. Can you imagine the amount of talent they’d be able to surround Jackson with this offseason? They already have Kyle Pitts and Drake London. What if they complement Jackson with Keenan Allen and offensive line upgrades, and then use their draft capital to bolster their defense? The Falcons are in a great spot to make a huge leap, but keep in mind that they could also go 6-11 if they screw up this spring.

New York Giants New York Giants (40/1)
The Giants have the fourth-most cap space in the NFL. They can bolster their offensive line and secondary to become a real powerhouse. I want to see what they do in free agency, but I was hoping to get 50/1 or better with them.

Los Angeles Chargers San Angeles Chargers (22/1)
The Chargers are a very talented team, but they play in a tough division, and Brandon Staley always finds a way to screw up. I was hoping to see something closer to 30/1, especially with Keenan Allen likely on his way out.

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